Research Lab

TAMAM promotes research methodologies based on collaboration with educational practitioners who are actively engaged in leading transformational change aimed towards social development in their schools.  

TAMAM uses emancipatory collaborative action research to generate research-based designs while capturing the best practices at educational institutions, building on strengths and honoring the sociocultural context of the communities they serve. This methodology allows for continuous refinement of the generated designs through an iterative process of experimentation informed by international research along with the experiences emerging from the practices of Arab educators. As such, the main contribution of TAMAM’s research goes beyond introducing internationally accepted practices to Arab schools towards triggering a paradigm shift in how reform is conceived, implemented and researched in the Arab region.  

With that, TAMAM aims at contributing to build a contextually-grounded knowledge base on effective school improvement practices that can inform educational policies in the Arab region.  

The progress and outcomes of TAMAM research are documented in a series of papers and technical reports published in regional and renowned international journals and/or on the TAMAM website.  

In addition, TAMAM lead teams document their school-based improvement experiences in the form of reports that provide sequential narration of their improvement projects based on the TAMAM School Improvement Journey.  

TAMAM research outcomes are also disseminated through participation in regional and international conferences.