The Baptist School

TAMAM Improvement Project 2015-2018

Towards a Research and Thoughtful Society

In 2011, in response to the need of the school, its vision was modified to suit the changing age and aimed to produce students who are distinguished academically and behaviorally, so that they become creative leaders constantly seeking knowledge and progress, loving humanity and their homeland and believing in God. Because of this vision, developmental goals were established, and the characteristics of the Baptist student were extracted. Thus, in 2013, the coordinators were trained to formulate their own development project. Because of monitoring, evaluation, and reflection, a weakness was shown in the participation of teachers in the development project. During the implementation of their initiatives, there was a marked variation in the frequency of work and inter-departmental response, journey-based monitoring lists were established to assess the performance of the divisions, and accordingly the plan was adjusted to suit the evidence. Thus, the innovative initiative of the TAMAM Baptist Group 2015-2017 aims at rooting the change in the professional school community so that it becomes a culturally thoughtful society that works to develop the characteristics of the Baptist student by focusing on the understanding of attributes, measuring them, and developing procedures that will instill these attributes within students.

During our meeting with the departments and students, we noticed the progress in the thought and practice of teachers in addition to student acquisition of some characteristics of the Baptist student profile.