The Baptist School

TAMAM Improvement Project 2015-2017

Towards a Research and Thoughtful Society: A shared vision for all teachers stemming from the school’s mission and reflected in the plans and policies of its staff

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of peer coaches.

The Baptist school lead team worked on identifying their improvement need through conducting multiple meetings inside the school and doing focus group interviews with administrators, teachers, parents, and students. After collecting data and analyzing it, results showed that not everyone in the school is familiar with the school vision, and that there is no alignment between the school vision and its goals. Consequently, the team defined their improvement need to be “having a school vision common to all teachers that emerges from the school’s mission and that is reflected in the plans and policies of its workers”. In 2011, in response to the need of the school, its vision was modified to suit the changing age and aimed to produce students who are distinguished academically and behaviorally, so that they become creative leaders constantly seeking knowledge and progress, loving humanity and their homeland and believing in God. From this vision, the team developed improvement goals and extracted the characteristics of the Baptist student profile.

In order to have all divisions’ work in an alignment and under a unified improvement plan that aims at building the students’ personality as stated in the school vision, every division in the Baptist school decided to adopt and work on one of the characteristics in the student profile. Therefore, every division chose the characteristic that they want to instill in students and they developed their improvement plan around it following the TAMAM journey. The teams identified their objectives, procedures, and criteria and indicators of success.

Thus, the innovative initiative of the TAMAM Baptist Group 2015-2017 aimed at rooting the change in the professional school community so that it becomes a culturally thoughtful society that works to develop the characteristics of the Baptist student by focusing on the understanding of attributes, measuring them, and developing procedures that will instill these attributes within students. During our meeting with the departments and students, we noticed the progress in the thought and practice of teachers in addition to student acquisition of some characteristics of the Baptist student profile.

Initial and Progress Plan Report