Hariri High School II

TAMAM Improvement Project 2015-2019

Developing a Well-Rounded Child

Hariri High school II’s vision stresses the importance of preparing the students to become self-assured, well-rounded, and responsible decision makers. In this respect, our project with TAMAM targets the children at preschool, and it aims at fulfilling the school’s vision through integrating the Multiple Intelligences activities within the school’s skill-based curriculum. More specifically, such curriculum develops children’s/ students’ physical, socio-emotional, cognitive and aesthetic skills/ intelligences. By doing so, it is guaranteed that students are able to face challenges of the 21st century.

Final Report 


TAMAM Improvement Project (2009-2010)

Teachers Teaching Teachers: An Investigation into the Impact of Professional Days on the Professional Growth and School Climate

The aim of the study is to gain empirical evidence for the benefits of teachers that they get from professional days. In addition, the team worked on the impact of those PDs regarding the overall climate of the school. The tools used are mainly interviews, trainees’ questionnaires, student ushers questionnaire, and evaluation forms. The results of the study came to show that PDs seem to be providing trainers with the opportunity to explore most recent and up-to-date theoretical and practical issues regarding the teaching/learning process. The next step would be to start questioning the impact of the PDs on the performance of teachers inside classrooms and its positive effect on students’ achievement.

Final Report