Al-Ezdihar Basic Education

TAMAM Improvement Project (2017-Present)

The effect of Chromagen filters in the treatment of students with Irlen Syndrome

The TAMAM team in our school is composed of administrators (the Principal and a Social specialist) and teachers (primary teachers and teachers of various subjects including Arabic and English language). Focus group interviews were organized for the third grade teachers in particular and the school teachers in general to discuss and explore the extent to which the teachers observed signs of some students having Irlen syndrome. After data was collected and analyzed, it was speculated that many students were likely to be affected with this syndrome and it was concluded that some teachers did not know about the syndrome and its symptoms. Moreover, and after further analysis of the data, the team realized that the school identified need was to find solutions for students with Irlen syndrome to enable them to read properly and to educate and raise awareness among the community about the syndrome. In order to achieve the purpose of the project, the roles were divided among the members of the team along with the appropriate timeline necessary for implementation. We have accomplished some tasks and we have been hindered in part by the financial aspect as the school is still looking for the needed financial support in order to subject students to the necessary tests and purchase the special filters for their treatment.

The team has also conducted lectures for parents and teachers in seven neighboring schools. Currently, the team is coordinating to complete the rest of the planned procedures and activities, including meeting with the parents of the affected students and the completion of tests for these students. It should be noted that the students underwent 2 tests out of 4.

We, as a team, are learning throughout the journey and applying the pillars of TAMAM that include professional collaboration, evidence-based decision making and others.



TAMAM Improvement Project (2011-2015)

I Read with My Family.

The TAMAM team at Al-Ezdihar school is working on a school improvement project entitled “I Read with My Family”. The project’s goals are to develop motivation for reading of second grade students and involve their families in developing that motivation.

Final Report