Saint Mary Orthodox College

TAMAM Improvement Project (2015)

School Spirit

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM Steering Team.


EDUVATION School Network has always perceived ‘School Spirit’ as a vital element of its unique institutional identity and ethos. Hence, EDUVATION TAMAM’s ‘action research’ consists of a Quantitative and Qualitative Study that aims at investigating major challenging areas hindering spreading the ‘School Spirit’. The EDUVATION TAMAM journey will lead the team to design an Improvement Plan that is believed to enhance the ‘School Spirit’ through targeting its main components: Energy, Synergy and Enlightenment.

Implementation Report 


TAMAM Improvement Project (2009-2010)

Changing the Rating System of the Students

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM Steering Team.


The purpose of this study is to develop a specific goal which is changing the rating system of the students that cater for the school’s community interests. The methods used are questionnaires and focus groups. The results came out to show that there is a positive attitude towards the acceptance of the rating system adopted. There can be technical aspects of the rating system affected the alignment between the implementation and the rationale of the system. The following concluded the further action that needs to be worked on including: the principal and the school administration need to have a clear conviction of the need to enhance communication among all school’s community, the school has initiated a series of actions that aim at improving the technical aspects of the rating system, and the school has launched the department of Assessment, Tests and Measurement (DATM) that will work closely and interactively with teachers and other departments on several academic issues.

Final Report