Princess Noura University Preschool

TAMAM Improvement Project (2016-2017) 

Teaching basics of English Language in ways relevant to the age group “I CAN” 

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM coaches in the University of Princess Noura.


The lead team in the preschool division in Princess Noura University School found that there was a weakness in the basics of the English language for children in preschool. Therefore, they identified this problem as their improvement need and they launched the English Language Development Project in the preschool division under the name “I CAN”. This project aimed to enrich children’s language and develop their language and listening skills in English, which in turn develops the children’s ability to speak and express their needs and feelings in English. The team worked on developing their initial plan, yet the project was suspended before the team could implement their plan.

Inital Plan