Khadija Youssef High School

TAMAM Improvement Project (2014-2015)

Weak Working Memory Among Female Students

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM coaches in American University of Cairo and Assiut University.


 Project Description: After observing female students, we noticed that there is a weakness in students’ performance due to weak working memory, and these difficulties include:
  • Difficulty in visual and oral understanding
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficulty in performing difficult mental processes
  • Low academic levels regardless of students’ high intellectual level
  • Difficulty in understating and retaining the course content as explained by the teachers
  • When reading the sentence, students cannot remember what came before it

Developmental Objective of the Project:

  • Train teachers to use techniques that enhance students’ working memory
  • Train female students to use techniques that enhance their working memory skills whether they were intelligent, average, or with special needs
  • Provide parental workshops to teach them about different mechanics to help improve their children’s working memory