Kfarruman Second Intermediate Public School

TAMAM Improvement Project (2015-2019)

Designing an educational and developmental model for Supervision enhanced by Information Technology

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM Steering Team.


Based on the self-study conducted by the lead team in Kferruman public school, it was agreed that the improvement need is to activate the role of coordinators to encourage teachers to use technology and monitor their teaching and evaluation processes at school. Therefore, the team has identified the improvement project as “designing a model for coordination that is enabled by the use of ICT”. It was decided to establish a coordination system with clear standards to monitor the use of technology in the learning process and build a comprehensive planning and assessment system for the whole school.

The objectives included developing a manual for coordinators and training them to carry out their designated tasks .The lead team has worked in the planning Phase on developing the improvement plan with appropriate objectives and interventions. The team has acquired many Competencies through the journey including inquiry, evidence-based decisions and taking decisions and actions driven by the needs of the school’s coordinators.

Final Report