Jezzine Elementary Public School

TAMAM Improvement Project (2015-2019)

Enhancing an Inclusive learning environment: Designing differentiated learning experiences in Arabic language for Grade 4 students

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM Steering Team.

Jezzine elementary public school receives students with learning difficulties and special needs. At the beginning of the journey, the leads team has identified the improvement need “to improve students’ learning of the Arabic language in school” based on evidence and clear indicators. The team has underlined its negative impact on student achievement in all subject areas. After a round of discussions, it was agreed that the need in this inclusive school targets all 4th grade students including students with learning disabilities and special needs.

The improvement project became to “strengthen the learning environment by designing differentiated teaching of Arabic for all grade 4 students”. The plan includes improving Arabic language instruction for all students (including learning difficulties/needs), activating the communication and coordination among professional experts and parents and raising the awareness and participation of the school community and parents.

The team has acquired many competencies through the TAMAM journey including inquiry, evidence-based decisions, decisions and actions driven by needs and documentation.

Initial Plan

Implementation Report