Haifa Intermediate Mixed School

TAMAM Improvement Project (2018-2021)

Increasing grade 7 students’ motivation to learn.

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM Steering Team.


The vision of Haifa school states that the school aspires to achieve a safe, healthy, clean, and an active environment for the students to motivate them to learn through the use of material and human resources and cooperation with parents and the community in order to raise the level of students’ achievement and awareness of the importance of tolerance to others. As for the schools’ mission, the school works towards the preparation of a generation conscious and committed to moral values and able to adapt, constructs criticism, bears responsibility, feasts with education and has self- dependence in solving problems in the framework of cooperation with others and through tolerance.

Over the years, the school faced some challenges that hindered the achievement of its vision and mission. When the school started working on identifying need for improvement, the lead team in Haifa school agreed that the main problem in the school is students’ weak motivation to learn. This was evident through several manifestations such as students expressing feeling bored during sessions, students not doing their homework, students submitting empty exam papers, etc. The team attributed this problem to several reasons such as: the lack of educational materials and resources, the unhealthy school environment, lack of activities in and outside the classrooms, and the lack of parent support for their children’s learning. To solve this problem, the lead team in Haifa school developed an initial plan for an improvement project that aims at increasing grade 7 students’ motivation to learn. The team developed an improvement plan that includes 4 improvement objectives: (1) to have students engage happily in the teaching and learning process, (2) to have students who can communicative effectively with others, (3) to have students participate in creating safe and healthy school environment, (4) to have students who are self-disciplined. Under each objective, there are a group of operational objectives and activities that target students, teachers, and parents. In the meantime, the team is working on developing the implementation and monitoring plan to start implementing it in the next academic year (2020-2021)

Initial Plan