Al Wadi AlKabir Post Basic Education School

TAMAM Improvement Project (2017-Present)
The effect of teaching thinking skills (application and reasoning) on ​​the mathematics achievement for students in the tenth grade

The TAMAM team includes teachers from various fields of education including mathematics, science, Islamic education, and English. The team analyzed samples from the tenth grade mathematics exams chosen from the second semester final exams. The results of the analysis showed that 57% of the tenth grade students failed to answer application and reasoning questions. Thus, the team realized that there is a need to develop the capacity of students to solve application and reasoning questions in mathematics through collaborating with the tenth grade mathematics teachers, since the responsibility of implementation requires their cooperation with the team to complete the goals and procedures of the plan. This will include feedback for each step implemented by the mathematics teachers in coordination with the TAMAM team.

The team has developed the project plan, the improvement and operational objectives, prepared the timeline for implementing the strategies of the intervention and communicated with the supervisors and experts to implement certain strategies as planned.

The TAMAM team has acquired a set of competencies related to the TAMAM pillars such as professional collaboration and decisions based on needs, mentoring, and evolving design planning.

The team was able to address certain challenges such as the difficulty behind setting the school schedule to assign a shared coordination session for the TAMAM team meetings, the financial need to implement some of the procedures outlined in the plan, the full schedule assigned for each teacher (especially mathematics teachers), and the constant changes in team members.

The team is currently in the process of evaluating the implemented strategies through setting an evaluation plan to evaluate the impact of the intervention on the student’s ability to solve application and reasoning questions.

Initial Plan

TAMAM Improvement Project (2011-2015)
Measuring the Level of Breakfast Health Awareness of 11th and 12th graders.
The TAMAM team at Al Wadi AlKabir is working on an improvement project entitled “Measuring the Level of Breakfast Health Awareness of 11th and 12th graders”. The project’s goals are to increase students’ awareness of the importance of eating breakfast and to transfer the culture of healthy choices to the surrounding school community.

Final Report