Al Maymouna Education

TAMAM Improvement Project (2020)

Instructional Supervision 

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM Steering Team.

By the end of 2019, Al-Maymouna Education joined the TAMAM project with the aim of developing the two schools affiliated with the Institution, on the one hand, and with the aim of developing the educational system for the institution as a whole.  Work began with teams in the beginning of January 2020 by introducing Al-Maymouna educational community to the journey of TAMAM, its stations and competencies expected to be acquired during the journey.  After being introduced to the journey, visits to schools began to collect baseline information about the school and the principal and to select members of the lead teams that will be the partner during the improvement journey.  After gathering information and assessing the current level of competencies, training was conducted on the first station to determine the improvement need that the school will work with, with training on the two skills required to work on this station, namely inquiry and evidence-based decisions.

 The first station ended after three months of tireless work in difficult health and living conditions, by identifying the school’s improvement need and by building a cohesive team that works in harmony between itself and the coach.

 The members of the Fakiha School team, after collecting evidence from the school community, agreed that the school’s priority improvement need is to Establish an equitable and organized school environment to improve students’ learning.  The identification of the improvement need was followed by defining its terminology to build a common understanding about it, and by reflecting on TAMAM journey to document the learned lessons. 

Initial Plan