Al Ethaar Basic Education School

 TAMAM Improvement Project (2015-2019)

The Initiative … the Spirit of Altruism

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM coaches in Sultan Qaboos University and in the ministry of Education.


The TAMAM team consists of the following members, the school principal, assistant director, teacher, IT teacher, English teacher and database specialist.

As a focused and diversified group, the team held brainstorming sessions as a beginning to solve an existing problem or improve a current practice. A number of topics were identified, and the team went through many stages until a specific developmental theme was established. After collecting the needed evidence and data, the team chose one topic to intervene in after consulting with the team directed by Sultan Qaboos University and project representatives from the Ministry of Education. The title of the current intervention at Al Ithar School is “taking initiative… Al Ithar spirit”.

The project started by gathering data from teachers through a questionnaire that measures the number of initiatives they take in their practices. We found that there are a few initiatives and there is no knowledge experience about the meaning of the initiative and the initiatives they take are shy and have not been circulated to a wide range of students.

The TAMAM intervention was designed to define the meaning of initiative taking, honor any initiatives taken by the teachers whether at academic, behavioral or administrative levels, add the initiative-taking team within the tajweed teams in the school, and organize an introductory session about the TAMAM project and its goals for various school staff.

The TAMAM team continues to adopt ideas and initiatives that seek to improve the educational process at the school. This is led by a team that strives to implement the TAMAM pillars and its mission at the school along with a precious cooperation with the Ministry of Education, who provides feedback for each stage of the project, which we hope will be a fruitful cooperation with positive and successful results.

Initial Plan

Final Report