Al Bayan School

TAMAM Improvement Project (2015-2019)

Improving Students’ Behavior in Line with Al Bayan School’s Mission and Vision

The vision of Al Bayan School is to develop logical scientific thought and a spirit of effective responsibility within its students in our society. Its mission is to learn in a safe and cooperative environment in order to prepare a student who is in harmony with the latest development and changes; someone who has an integrated personality, is an initiator, someone who is able to take responsibility, is a believer in God, and a believer in patriotism and Arab nationality.

TAMAM lead team decided to initiate a practical and scientific path to instill this development experience based on the school to practice the stages of reflection and experimentation, within the criteria of TAMAM. Hence, they saw that their development initiative to serve the teacher and the student, go hand in hand to help them as individuals create a joint relationship based on trust, respect and interest. The focus of their work is to improve student behavior at the school, highlighting how teachers deal with it through learning, understanding and inquiry based on everyday practices.

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