Aisha Um El Momenin Post Basic Education School

 TAMAM Improvement Project (2015-2019)

Raising the Level of Motivation Among Students

*This improvement initiative was under the supervision of TAMAM coaches in Sultan Qaboos University and in the ministry of Education.


Aisha Um El Momenin school’s vision highlights building an enlightened and conscious generation who is well aware of the goals and needs of the community, is able to meet the challenges of the era, is open to global thought and works to preserve the cultural identity. The school’s mission is to provide high quality education that elevates student thinking and cultivates skills in light of children’s cognitive development through a creative educational system and active community participation. The school joined the TAMAM project in the academic year 2014/2015.

The TAMAM school team consists of eight members who have been chosen based on their desire to join the project as well as their commitment and ownership to the development project entitled “Through my motivation, my achievement rises.”Through focus group discussions, the TAMAM team brainstormed and explored the current situation of the school and the most important developmental projects that the team can adopt to serve the educational process. The need was determined by identifying the problems faced by the school and classifying them according to specific themes and then determining the priority amongst the needs to attend to and develop within the school. It was agreed that the need to raise the level of motivation amongst 11th grade students because of the positive impact it has on both the achievement level of students as well as on the success rate of the school. Stemming from the school’s vision, this can only be achieved by building a generation that seeks to acquire learning in the numerous fields of life, and one who drives to achieve the highest level of learning and knowledge acquisition. This is what our project aspires to do in TAMAM (Through my motivation, my achievement rises).

Initial Plan  

Final Report