Work of Educational Institutions in TAMAM

Concurrently, the TAMAM network spanned 8 Arab countries compromising of 67 schools, more than 450 practitioners, as well as researchers from twelve different universities, 30 coaches, and policymakers collaborating on designing and implementing impactful school based improvement.

The network activities include collaborations with colleagues from schools of education of different universities: The American University of Beirut, the Lebanese University, Queen Rania’s Academy, Qatar University, Sultan Qabus University, the American University of Cairo, Asyout University, Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University in KSA, Al-Ahfad University for girls in Sudan, Arab Open University in Jordan, University of Idaho, and the University of Virginia.

Lead team members in TAMAM make various stops on the “TAMAM School Improvement Journey” where they acquire and develop many competencies related to the TAMAM 11 pillars.

Throughout the journey, the lead teams prepare an initial plan report to describe the design of the intervention designed by the team.

During the initiation of their intervention, lead teams report their progress in the form of implementation reports. At the conclusion of this journey, the lead teams compose a comprehensive report describing their unique TAMAM adventure and the details and results of the impact of the improvement project they had originally chosen.

The purpose of these reports is to share ideas with other professionals who would value this gained knowledge and would benefit from it. Disseminating these reports is seen not only as an act of de-privatization but also as an act of leadership.

Please find the summary of the ongoing and completed improvement projects titles of the TAMAM educational institutions in the following link

To learn more about the ongoing and completed improvement projects of the TAMAM educational institutions, click on the institution’s name.