Dr. Sally Al Turki

Dr. Sara Bright Al Turki is Senior Vice President of Dhahran Ahliyya Schools and owns Educational Book House & Numou Center for Education.

She Co-founded Numou for Education, a not-for-profit center to provide consulting, training, innovative educational IT and other educational services to educators, schools, and students; Co-founded Educational Book House, a not-for-profit project of publishing books in Arabic for training educators and distributing children’s literature to encourage reading; Co-founded Dhahran Ahliyya Schools, with husband as President, and continue to direct these not-for-profit schools covering pre-K through secondary for about 2100 students; Founded Early Childhood Center, served as first principal and now consultant to its three-year, full time AA-level preparation program for pre-school teachers; also publishes curricula and teaching materials, and provides educational services to other pre-schools; and taught at various levels from primary through university in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan and US.

Dr. Sara Bright Al Turki has numerous related activities including: Member of Board of Directors of Madac School, a new innovative school in Medina, KSA; Member of Board of Directors of Misk School, a new innovative school in Riyadh, KSA; Chairman of Steering Committee for TAMAM, a pan-Arab project sponsored by the Arab Thought Foundation and directed by the American University of Beirut to study and encourage the process of school-based educational reform in the Arab world as current activities. She is also: Member of the Board of KAUST International School; Member of Founding Committee for the Council on Social Responsibility in the Eastern Province; Member of International Advisory Committee for TATWEER, King Abdulla’s project for school improvement in Saudi Arabia; Consultant with University of Dammam, College of Education, in the design and establishment of clinically-based teacher preparation programs; Member of the Founding Committee for Arabi 21, a project of the Arab Thought Foundation to improve the teaching of Arabic in Arab schools; Member of the Tatweer Pre-school Curriculum Review Committee; Member of Advisory Board for World Languages Project of International School Services; Member of the International Advisory Board of American University of Beirut; Member of the Dean’s Advisory Council of the Harvard Graduate School of Education; Participant in the Saudi National Dialogue on the subject of educational reform; Member of the Founding Committee of Arab Educational Forum, a pan-Arab movement to stimulate networking and dialogue on Arab educational reform; and Member of other Boards such as Royal University for Women (Bahrain),King Hussain Foundation for Excellence in Education (Jordan), and Khitwa Magazine for Early Childhood (Egypt) as her previous activities.

Dr. Sara Bright Al Turki has an Ed.D. from the University of Minnesota.  Major:  Educational Policy and Administration; an Honorary Ph.D. from Middlebury College in Educational Leadership in KSA; a teaching Certification Program (Elementary) from San Jose State College, California; an M.A. from Teachers’ College, Columbia University, New York City with a major in Teaching English; and a B.A. from The American University, Washington D.C.  with a major in International Relations.

Dr. Sara Bright Al Turki areas of interest in education are around: educational reform, change process, professional learning communities, professional development, teacher preparation, leadership, organizational development, service learning, and action research.