TAMAM History

Phase V (2021-2025): Sustain and Strengthen TAMAM Movement for School-Based Improvement in the Arab World

For the past fourteen years, TAMAM key strategic goal has been to build leadership capacity for change at the school level while providing the support needed to initiate and support innovative interventions aimed at improving student learning. During these years, a culturally grounded model for capacity building was developed implemented and tested in different contexts across the Arab region. The capacity-building model was also evaluated and refined accordingly, and initial steps have been taken to collect evidence of impact to prove the model’s effectiveness and impact on student learning. While these objectives will be maintained, the focus will shift to sustaining and strengthening TAMAM as an educational movement by building on its assets of membership, partnerships, networks, research lab, and other resources. Thus, the aim of TAMAM phase V [2021-2025] is to sustain and strengthen TAMAM movement for school-based improvement in the Arab World towards establishing a networked improvement community with the ultimate aim of improving student agency to learn.

The PST aims to promote and expand the TAMAM movement through expanding its active membership and defining the benefits and roles members have in advocating for the TAMAM movement. The members are the most precious resource to bring the movement to life and sustain it over the long run; therefore, fostering their commitment and participation is important to expand the movement and create momentum for change. The PST also seeks to establish partnership with organizations and institutions especially those that can influence policy decision-making in different Arab countries to draw on their concerted efforts to promote the movement and to introduce changes to educational policies. Additionally, the PST aims to invest in the establishment of networked improvement communities that allows participating members and schools to work together for a short or long period towards a common goal. These networks have the potential to accelerate improvement and make it scalable to a range of context, which will have a strong effect in spreading the TAMAM movement and providing evidence of its impact that can be used as a leverage for policy change. Moreover, the PST will continue to enhance TAMAM research lab activities and its design outcomes, with a special attention on experientially developing prototypes that assist in fulfilling the TAMAM vision and on conducting and publishing more research in Arabic and English on the impact of the model on students, teachers, and principals. The PST will focus in this phase on increasing the visibility and on sustaining the TAMAM activities in different ways to expand the movement’s reach and impact.

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