TAMAM History

Phase II (2011-2015): Implementing and Refining the TAMAM Capacity Building Program

TAMAM’s main strategic goals for this Phase were to continue building the capacity of the existing school lead teams and to expand to more schools in new and already participating countries.

A total of nineteen new private and public schools joined the project from the previous participating countries and from three new countries: Qatar, Oman, and Egypt. In addition, the TAMAM Capacity Building Program was adapted to be included in a USAID-funded, large-scale professional development project implemented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon for 250 public schools. As a result, more than 1000 educational practitioners were trained on leading school-based improvement. Based on this large-scale project, TAMAM’s school-based improvement approach was disseminated to other projects reaching more than 700 public schools in Lebanon.

The year 2014 marked an important milestone for TAMAM. During a general gathering for the TAMAM school teams and coaches, the members of the growing TAMAM network decided to change its identity from a “project” to a “Movement” in an attempt to capture their aspirations to expand its influence and impact on schools and their stakeholders in Arab countries across the region.

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