Al Bayan School

Witnessing undesirable behavior in students and the need for reform.

The vision of Al Bayan School is to develop logical scientific thought and a spirit of effective responsibility within its students in our society. Its mission is to learn in a safe and cooperative environment in order to prepare a student who is in harmony with the latest development and changes; someone who has an integrated personality, is an initiator, someone who is able to take responsibility, is a believer in God, and a believer in his patriotism and Arab nationality.

After conducting procedural research to find out the required need, both the students’ undesirable behaviors and the need for change were recognized; hence the team seeks to improve student behavior. The ideal perception was that the student’s behavior within the school should be consistent with the school’s vision and mission and the student would therefore be self-disciplined and behaves in a way that is in accordance with the school discipline manual. Since the Bayan School is interested in improving its quality of education and looks for ways to address the most important issues of educators and student behavior, it decided to undertake TAMAM’s experience in reflection, inquiry and research. The school team acquired skills of research, data analysis, documentation, and reflection, which helped them proceed with strategic and procedural goals, witnessing change on personal and school level.