Towards Linking Research to Educational Development: A Project Experience

Towards Linking Research to Educational Development: A Project Experience by: Dr. Rima Karami, Rola Katerji, and Diana Sarieddine, 2020


The literature showed a near absence of research culture and knowledge production in the Arab world resulting lack of reliable scientific research output, and solutions to the pressing problems of the professional practitioner to face the challenges of their work and play the role assigned to them in their educational institution and the development of their community (The Broken Cycle, 2014; El Amine, 2009). Added to this reality is a case of blind quotation of the concepts and educational practices prevailing in the Western world without looking at the extent of its adaptation to the Arab context and priorities of educators in it. This paper presents the experience of TAMAM project as a research laboratory that combines research and development with the aim of producing knowledge rooted in the context of the Arab school and its social environment that takes into account the specificity of the context and its educational institutions and meets the requirements of educational reform and community development. This paper illustrates the challenges and lessons learned from the use of action research to design a research-based development program model and on the experience gained from educational institutions that participated in the project.