Ms. Rana Ismail

Mrs. Rana Ismail acts as the vice general manager for educational Affairs in Al Mabarrat schools and School Principal of Al Kawthar Secondary School. She has been a professional educator for the past 23 years, and an outspoken advocate for constructivist education. She holds a bachelor of engineering from AUB, A Diploma in Special Education and a Master in Educational management and leadership. Mrs. Rana has long realized the limitations existing in our educational system and decided to translate her passion in the education field into active steps to bringing about constructive radical changes. Mrs. Rana’s focus has been on the education of children with special needs and early childhood education, training school faculty as well as applying first class global educational system in Lebanon and the Arab world, in addition to initiating the first inclusive school in Lebanon. Her works, initiatives and involvement are not only limited to that, Mrs. Rana has also been involved in numerous programs, conferences and presentations related to improving the educational system and methods (Investing in Early Childhood Care and Development in Sudan and Yemen , teaching methods for non formal education in Bahrain; assessment schemes and evaluation system in the new curriculum plan;; The Reform of the Lebanese Educational System, UNDP\ UNESCO\CERD Project; Guidelines for Adapting the Lebanese Curriculum for the Students with Special Needs; Clinical Educational Supervision etc….) Mrs. Rana is an affiliated member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; Founding member of the Lebanon Dyslexia Society; A representative of Al-Mabarrat schools to work with the ministry of education ,UNICEF, UNESCO, ARC (Arab Resource Collective), LAES (Lebanese Association for Educational Studies).Currently  she leads the Continuous Educational Development program in Almabarrat educational institutes part of which the improvement of the students’ continuous assessment system. Mrs. Rana’s endeavor in the field of education has covered a span of 23 years, and continues to be as active today in both theoretical and practical domains.