Ms. Josiane Adib Torbey

Josiane Adib Torbey is  Vice-President of Salt of the Earth Association, founded in 2012 together with Jean-Gabriel Eddé (President) and Habib Torbey (President of municipality of Sebeel, caza of Zghorta). The Association aims to promote Development through Education and Culture in Lebanon in general, and the North in particular. Josiane is the initiator and driving force of a Model Public School in Sebeel, Ecole Rachel Eddé.  She has been not only the architect and the site executor of the project, but the motor for fund raising, educational rehabilitation, and marketing of this innovative idea among the population of the whole region. Josiane is also the founder of the Sebeel Public Library, the only public library in all the caza of Zghorta, with more than 700 members and 10 000 books in 4 languages, rich and varied cultural activities, book publishing. Through the Library, she launched a yearly  intercultural summer camp joining Lebanese and French Youths in partnership with  Francophonia Liban, a French association. Josiane  graduated from ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts) in 1987, as Master in Architecture, first of her class and was awarded the Prize of the Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects for the year 1987. After a year completed at Columbia University, NY, Faculty of Architecture, she came back to Beirut and was a professor at ALBA from 1992 until 2012, both in Architecture Design Workshop and in theoretical courses. She was  member of the committee of Exterior Relations of the university, organizing conferences and colloquiums with well-known contemporary architects. Meanwhile she also worked as a freelance architect, on different sort of projects, from private houses to hospitals and schools, with a marked preference to public structures.