Arab Thought Foundation (2007-present):


Through the continuous support of Cheikh Khalid Al Turki, Chairman of Al Turki Holding Company and member of the ATF Board of  Directors, the Arab Thought Foundation has been providing TAMAM with a generous fund that extends over the four phases from the years 20072021. The longterm funding supported the formulation and achievement of TAMAM’s vision and strategic goals and provided support to its Steering Team to design, research and monitor all TAMAM activities This generous fund continues to cover the key operational cost of TAMAM in addition to various activities, including conducting the research agenda, implementing the Capacity Building Program and conducting expansion, dissemination and networking activities.  



LORE Foundation (2015-2018): 

During Phase III, TAMAM received a research grant from the LORE Foundation designated to customize the TAMAM Capacity Building Program to the context of six Lebanese public schools and establish channels for collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education.  


Taawon [Welfare Association] (2018-present):


At the beginning of Phase IV,  TAMAM received a renewable research grant from the Taawon [Welfare Association] designated to adapt and use the TAMAM Capacity Building Program as an intervention to achieve the improvement goals of the “Adopt a School” Project for UNRWA school Haifa Intermediate Mixed School, serving Palestinian refugees. 


Al Maymouna Education (2020-2024):


During Phase IV, TAMAM secured new funding for five years from Al Maymouna Education through a partnership with the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service at the American University of Beirut that aims to organizationally develop their schools in Berkayel and Al Fakiha, which serve vulnerable Syrian refugees.  


Oman Ministry of Higher Education Research & Innovation (2020-2022):

During Phase IV, the TAMAM Omani coaches, Dr. Ali AlBulushi, Dr. Abdullah Ambusaidi and Mr. Khalid Al Bassami, secured a generous research grant from Oman Ministry of Higher Education Research & Innovation to study the factors influencing Omani school-based education reform. The grant is to investigate the factors that affect the implementation of educational reform based on the TAMAM model in the Omani context. It is worth noting that this achievement meets the TAMAM strategic goals related to research and sustainability. Three new schools will travel the TAMAM School Improvement Journey and the coaches will evaluate the impact on the school teams.



LORE Foundation Narrative Reports

Taawon association narrative reports

Al Maymouna Education narrative reports