Contributions of Participating Leadership Teams

The TAMAM research approach which involves emancipatory collaborative action research emphasizes the importance of practitioners’ collaboration and participation in producing actionable knowledge that informs school-based reform in the context of the Arab countries.

During the initiation of their school improvement projects, lead teams write initial plans then they report their progress during implementation of the improvement projects in the form of implementation reports. At the conclusion of their journey, the lead teams compose a comprehensive report describing their school-based improvement journey in detail, and report the evidence-based results and reflect on the effectiveness and impact of their improvement initiative.

The purpose of these reports is to share ideas with other professionals who are faced with similar improvement needs and could benefit from the intervention the team designed. Disseminating these reports is seen not only as an act of de-privatization, but also as an act of leadership and as a major contribution to research in TAMAM.

 Currently, among the 95 improvement initiatives triggered by TAMAM schools, 24 initial plan reports, 6 implementation reports and 25 final reports are published on TAMAM website. Find the summary of the ongoing and completed school improvement projects of TAMAM educational institutions in the following link.

To learn more about the ongoing and completed improvement projects of the TAMAM educational institutions, click on the institution’s name to the right.