The TAMAM Movement strategic goals for Phase IV are as follows:

Strategic goal I: Build leadership capacity for school-based improvement in new contexts that support refining and expanding the TAMAM model 

  1. Operational goal I: Build leadership capacity of teams of educators for school-based improvement in new contexts 
  2. Operational goal II: Build institutional capacity for school-based improvement in TAMAM member institutions
    a.  Expand TAMAM teams within the TAMAM member institutions to increase the number of teams trained on the TAMAM Competencies and School Improvement Journey
    b.  Integrate TAMAM Capacity Building Program in professional development programs of member institutions
    Trigger policy and organizational arrangements for sustainability of change 
  3. Operational goal III: Build capacity for school-based improvement beyond the member institution 
    a.  Build partnerships with the member institution’s external community
    Build partnerships with local organizations involved in educational reform 

Strategic goal II: Build coaching capacity to support leadership capacity building in participating educational institutions 

  1. Operational goal I: Build leadership capacity among coaches 
  2. Operational goal II: Establish a network of coaches to sustain their commitment and motivation  
  3. Operational goal III Design a model to monitor the work of the coaches and ensure the integrity and fidelity of the implementation of the TAMAM Capacity Building Program  

Strategic goal III: Introduce capacity building for school-based improvement into preparation programs for educational practitioners in Arab countries 

  1. Operational goal I: Inform the design of pre-service teacher and principal preparation programs  
  2. Operational goal II: Inform and influence the design of in-service professional development programs (at universities, institutes, ministry departments, etc.) 

Strategic goal IV: Introduce an inquiry-based and school-based approach to large-scale educational reform initiatives that connects schools, ministries, and policy makers 


  1. Operational Goal I: Establish collaboration channels with ministries of education and professional development offices within ministries  
  2. Operational Goal II: Integrate the TAMAM Capacity Building Program in the design of large-scale reform initiatives at the ministry level 

Strategic goal V: Expand the knowledge base on school-based improvement grounded in the Arab context 

  1. Operational goal I: Evaluate the impact of the TAMAM Capacity Building Program (on the organization, teacher learning and student learning) to refine its design and collect evidence of its effectiveness 
  2. Operational goal II: Expand the scope of the TAMAM Capacity Building Program and design through identifying the processes and contextual factors that enable or hinder sustainable improvement 
  3. Operational goal III: Expand the TAMAM research agenda to include new areas for research that support the implementation of TAMAM and promote school-based improvement 
  1. Operational goal IV: Disseminate the knowledge produced in TAMAM to the regional and international scholarly community 

Strategic goal VI: Ensure the TAMAM Movement’s sustainability 

  1. Operational goal I: Strengthen the institutional grounding for TAMAM Movement 
  2. Operational goal II:  Develop a strategy for sustainable funding of TAMAM operations 
  3. Operational goal III: Provide income-generating services to build leadership capacity of teams of educators for school-based improvement 
  4. Operational goal IV: Initiate and support country Hubs (establishing the hub and finding the appropriate funds for it) 
  5. Operational goal V: Strengthen and support the TAMAM Movement’s educational network  
  6. Operational goal VI: Increase TAMAM’s visibility among various stakeholders