Theme 3: Evaluation of the TAMAM Impact

Evaluative research in TAMAM involves the examination of TAMAM effectiveness and impact on participating schools in the TAMAM project. It examines the effectiveness of the TAMAM Capacity Building Program on the professional learning of lead team members in terms of the acquisition of the TAMAM Competencies and the TAMAM improvement journey related skills. It also explores the impact of the TAMAM Capacity Building Program on teams’ attitudes and motivation towards school improvement. Moreover, it describes the impact of TAMAM on the school’s organizational learning in terms of its professional norms and structure. And finally, it describes the impact of the implementation of the improvement project on students’ learning.

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Evaluating teacher professional learning in the Arab region; the experience of the TAMAM project: By Rima Karami-Akkary – TATE- 2019


– Teachers showed varying growth in knowledge, skills and attitudes. 

– Professional learning of knowledge, skills and attitudes did not develop linearly. 

– Professional learning is influenced by the socio-cultural conditions of its context. 

– Compartmentalized and linear evaluation does not capture complexity of learning. 

– Ongoing monitoring and evaluation responds to teachers’ conditions and needs. 

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